AudienceZen unlocks the ability to really know your customers, offering them what they want, when they want it, and in the way that works best for them.

Audiencezen can transform customer acquisition, engagement, sales, and retention. We’ve seen Audiencezen drive online sales growth of more than 80 per cent, social media referrals by more than 50 per cent and cut marketing costs by more than 50 per cent!


Transform your marketing and unleash the power of your data with cutting-edge customer profiling and audience insights. AudienceZen seamlessly integrates into your e-commerce platform.

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Advanced Customer Segmentation

Audience analytics

Look at your customer database through a fresh pair of eyes. AudienceZen’s Audience Analytics Suite analyses your established customer database and delivers in-depth reports with personalised, actionable marketing recommendations.

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Audience segmentation and reporting

The science

For too long, marketing, sales and the approach to the customer has been based on loose theories that don’t work. AudienceZen is based on 20 years of the study of psychology. It is a unique, science-based approach to driving sales and engagement through deeply understanding how your customer thinks.

Demographics are dead. If you’re segmenting your customers based on their age, gender or location, you’re missing the chance to really understand how they think and make decisions. This is what really drives results.

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