Targeted email campaigns, automations, loyalty programs, customer feedback and more. Improve your marketing through data-driven customer profiling and enhanced audience insight.

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Advanced Customer Segmentation

Audience Analytics

Providing psychographic analysis of your established customer database and delivering an in-depth segmentation report with actionable marketing recommendations.

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Audience Segmentation and reporting
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AudienceZen is a proprietary, science based methodology developed from PhD and post doctoral research into the psychology of complex decision making. Our methodology profiles the purchase decision mentality of large scale and diverse digital marketing audiences.

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Audiences are not homogeneous. AudienceZen clusters your campaign audiences according to purchasing decision mentality. Each cluster requires specific wording, reasoning and imagery for advertising to resonate.

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It's much more than product relevancy and externalities such as geography, gender and income. We believe personalization at its most powerful resonates with the underlying cognitive and personality attributes which drive purchasing decisions.

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AudienceZen e-Commerce Dashboard Interface

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Seamlessly and effectively execute our AI-driven psychographic segmentation and marketing recommendations by integrating into your e-commerce platform.

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Understanding consumer psychology helps to deliverer a personalized advertising experience

Cognitive Data Science

Understanding your audience by collective purchase behavior is both inaccurate and outdated. To truly engage your high-value customer, you need to speak directly to them and appeal to their ingrained purchase-decision mentalities.

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