Taking the guesswork out of advertising

AudienceZen's customer data analysis and segmentation services help marketing teams connect with their audiences.

Advertising performance is often impeded by a lack of insight into the purchase decision mentality of audience segments. With our low-touch approach, customer questionnaires and/or behavioural data (e.g. browsing history) are not required in order to understand your audience's desires.

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Attracting high-value customers

Whether you measure sucess in clicks, engagement rates or any other metric, our creative guidance will help your marketing team tailor your next campaign to speak directly to your desired audience.

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Actionable Marketing Recommendations

Our AI-driven Audience Analysis Suite will ingest and analyse your established customer data and segment individuals into one of twleve unique typologies.

We then deliver specific insights and guideance (all the do's and dont's) for developing creative advertising materials that will appeal to the core consumption tendencies of each segment of your audience.

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“At a lower cost, we are attracting more applicants and these applicants are better suited to their chosen course of study.”
George Norris
CEO, Developers Institute

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