Web Developer with Instructor
56% Decrease CPC on Outbrain
314% CTR increase on CPM-based advertising
46% CTR increase on Facebook advertising

The challenge

IT vocational training is a large and competitive industry. Training organisation, the Developers Institute, faced two related challenges: firstly, attracting prospective students in a field crowded with choice and, even more importantly, attracting the right students.

IT is a very popular career choice but unfortunately not every aspirant is suited to the career. To optimise both enrolment and student success, Developers Institute sought to hone the messaging in its enrolment advertising.


Senior Developers Institute staff each completed an AudienceZen questionnaire which captured their perceptions of how prospective students viewed the Institute’s brand and training offerings. Responses were processed by AudienceZen’s AI, the results of which indicated that most staff believed prospects judged the brand from the viewpoint of the Analytical consumer type. Further audience insight was gained by identifying the occupations most closely aligned with the various training courses.

Combining AudienceZen’s occupation-based purchase decision insights with the questionnaire result produced a comprehensive profile of the targeted market with detailed recommendations for student enrolment advertising copy and creative.

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"At a lower cost, we are attracting more applicants and these applicants are better suited to their chosen course of study."

— George Norris, EO, Developers Institute


Data from the first campaign using AudienceZen’s creative guidance showed a strong uplift in key advertising metrics compared to an immediately preceding campaign with identical advertising parameters.

  • CTR increased by 314% on CPM-based advertising on a major news media site
  • CTR increased by 46% on Facebook advertising
  • CPC on Facebook decreased by 32% from 0.60c to 0.41c
  • CPC on Outbrain decreased by 56%

These quantitative results are complemented by feedback from Developers Institute staff:

  • “Applicants more aligned with our messaging, easier to engage"
  • “Improved the quantity of the target"
  • “Now attracting the correct audience"
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