“AudienceZen allowed us to look at new angles of marketing that speak to what our clients really wanted. The information we learned definitely played a role in helping increase our lead generation Q on Q.”

— Ben Seelen, Agency Lead, Shuttlerock

The Challenge

Shuttlerock has based its outbound marketing content on an internal understanding of their customers’ purchase motivations. It has good demographic information on its target prospects but lacks an understanding of the underlying psychological processes governing their purchase decisions. Understanding these purchase decisions would allow Shuttlerock to reorientate its outbound marketing

The Solution

AudienceZen Analytics was utilized to analyze Shuttlerock’s internal view of what their customers and prospects look for in their service providers. This was achieved by Shuttlerock staff completing a psychographic landscape questionnaire. AudienceZen Analytics was then used to conduct a segmentation analysis of their current and prospective customer groups.

A gap analysis was then conducted to highlight differences in the psychographic presentation of Shuttlerock’s marketing message and the psychographic requirements and desires of the current and prospective customer segments.


Shuttlerock had to date considered that their customers and prospects prioritized design creativity and the thoroughness of its processes. In contrast, AudienceZen’s analysis of the Shuttlerock customer and prospects databases revealed these individuals prioritize looking good and working with organizations with impressive clients and success stories.

These differences highlighted a gap in the psychographic targeting of outbound marketing materials being prepared by Shuttlerock and the requirements and desires of the customers and prospects. While process and creativity are important, they are not key decision drivers for the target customers and prospects. Instead, their target contacts seek to work with companies with prestigious brand portfolios in order to impress management and validate their agency selection.

Marketing materials could now be pivoted to capture initial attention by focusing on Shuttlerock’s impressive client list.