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The challenge

The fitness supplements market is fiercely competitive, and customers are highly selective. Online and physical retailer Supplement Solutions sought to better understand the purchasing behaviours of its customer base in order to improve customer value and grow market share.

66% Total sales increase
59% Facebook site referrals increase
82% Online sales increase


Supplement Solutions decided to use AudienceZen’s occupation-based audience profiling methodology. ‘Occupation’ was not an existing customer field in the Supplement Solutions customer database so a promotional campaign was run in which customers were rewarded for updating their profiles with their occupation.

After sufficient occupational data had been collected, AudienceZen’s AI engine used that to identify the consumer types present across Supplement Solutions’ customer base. The Traditionalist and Conspicuous consumers were found to be predominant, with further analysis revealing that each of these had distinct brand and product preferences as well as time-of-day shopping behaviours. Combining these insights with the purchase decision mentality typical of each consumer type, a more focused and personalised communication strategy was developed.

Website product pages were re-worked to align better with the consumer types most inclined to purchase particular brands or products; social media and email campaigns were optimised according to the targeted audience and promoted product.


Sales data makes it clear that the new communication strategy produced uplift that exceeded all expectations. A comparison of data in the month preceding the implementation of the AudienceZen-driven strategy with data in the month following revealed that:

  • Total sales increased by 66% (physical and online)
  • Total online sales increased by 82%
  • Online store sessions increased by 58%
  • Online store conversion rate increased by 19%
  • Total orders increased by 86%
  • Facebook site referral increased by 59%
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"AudienceZen has provided invaluable insights, allowing us to target our customer messaging, drastically increasing sales and referrals."

— Jason Hunt, Marketing and Social Manager, Supplement Solutions

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