Cognitive profiling intelligence is the key to increased audience engagement, retention, and sale volumes. Send relevant emails with tailored actionable guidance to build trust and rapport with your high-value customers.

Customer Typologies

With AudienceZen typologies you see your customers in a completely new light. Previously mysterious behaviors and responses can be understood, allowing you to interact with customers in a manner which not only meets their needs but delights them and builds loyalty.

Your audience is segmented by our machine-learning algorithms which track customer actions on your website, or by sending a simple email survey.

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Defining customer typologies
Actionable Marketing Recommendations

AudienceZen provides detailed guidance for personalizing sales and marketing communication with each typology. Once your audience has been segmented by our data-driven AI platform, you can use this guidance to target your audience with email campaigns that make the right offers in the right way.

Actionable Marketing Recommendations
Enhanced Metrics

Analyzing the purchasing patterns of different customer typologies will yield valuable insight into product mix and segment targeting.

Analytical data showing improved performance
Customer Feedback

With preconfigured customer surveys, you can accurately distinguish where you succeed as a retailer, and where you need to improve. You also have valuable insight into how likely your customers are to recommend you and how you compare to your competition.

Building Blocks
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"AudienceZen has provided invaluable segmentation insights, allowing us to target our customer messaging, drastically increasing sales and referrals."

Jason Hunt
Marketing and Social Manager,
Supplement Solutions

AudienceZen e-commerce platform features:

  • Data-driven personalized recommendations
  • Advanced sales data
  • User-friendly email templates
  • Customizable loyalty program & rewards
  • Automatic segment updates
  • Customer segment list CSV exports
  • Email automation and much more ...
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