Your customers are sharing crucial data with you every time they visit your website. Through the AudienceZen e-commerce platform, these interactions are developed into marketing intelligence and recommendations. This data allows you to pinpoint how to become the preferred choice for your audience and how to reach your customers most effectively.

Our e-commerce platform features:

  • Data-driven personalised recommendations for engaging with customers
  • Advanced sales data
  • User-friendly email templates
  • A customisable loyalty and rewards programme
  • Automatic customer segmentation updates
  • Customer segment list CSV exports
  • Marketing mail automation.
Understanding your customers

Truly understanding customers is the holy grail for marketers. Now, through combining the power of science and AI, it is achievable. Really know your customers with AudienceZen, allowing you to not only meet their needs but delight them and build true loyalty.

Our machine-learning algorithms identify what kind of decision-makers your customers are, by tracking actions on your website.

Twenty years of study into the psychology of decision-making has gone into how we choose to group consumers.

View AudienceZen’s 12 consumer types.

Defining customer typologies
Actionable marketing recommendations

AudienceZen helps personalise your sales and marketing communications. Once your audience has been segmented by our data-driven AI platform, you can use this data to transform how effectively you target and reach target your audience with email campaigns that make the right offers in the right way.

Actionable Marketing Recommendations

Enhanced metrics

Analysing the purchasing patterns of different consumer types gives valuable insights into product mix and segment targeting.

Customer feedback

With our customer surveys, you can see where you succeed as a retailer and where you need to improve. You also receive valuable insight into how likely your customers are to recommend you and how you compare to your competition.

Building Blocks
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