The AudienceZen cognitive intelligence suite is widely adaptable and has applications in all sectors (assuming your customers are human).

We break the mold and tailor our insights and recommendations based on your customers’ cognitive traits. Segmenting based on these traits bypasses the inaccuracies associated with analyzing spend and product choice alone, both of which have many variables skewing your data.

Delivering the goods for e-commerce companies

The world is quickly shifting to a preference for online retail, which comes at a huge convenience for the customer and a large marketing benefit for the merchant.

Your customers are sharing crucial data with you each and every time they visit your website, and this data provides an insight into the inner workings of their minds and how they engage in a transactional environment. Through the AudienceZen e-Commerce platform, these interactions are clearly developed into marketing intelligence and recommendations.

Piecing together each customer's online behaviour further develops into an accurate, data-driven audience analysis, pin-pointing your high-value target customer and how to become the preferred retailer for that segment.

Pyramid of building blocks
Customer database analysis

Where a website doesn't serve as a primary point of sale, your customer database can still provide valuable data into your customers' purchase-decision mentalities. If you collect vocational data or have the ability to collect it, AudienceZen can accurately segment your customers based on their cognitive traits and deliver an in-depth audience intelligence and marketing recommendation report which is easy to follow, execute, and most importantly, increases business growth potential.

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