Quick platform integration

With our straightforward integration process, you'll be up and running in no time. AudienceZen lets you access all your critical customer and product information in one place.

The AudienceZen eCommerce platform is purpose-built to integrate with your Shopify store. Gain key consumer insights and receive marketing recommendations tailored to your audience.

Shopify POS
Gain further customer insights through AudienceZen by synching your customer data from in-store and online sales.

AudienceZen becomes your primary data source, combining online sales data and Lightspeed in-store sales data in one convenient location.

Easily integrate your Klaviyo account with AudienceZen to communicate metrics such as customer attributes, segmentation and event data.

Enterprise Integration
AudienceZen integrates seamlessly with CRM and marketing platforms, providing personality insights on your customer database to help you build deeper customer relationships. 

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AudienceZen integrates with Shopify, Klaviyo and Lightspeed

Are we missing your chosen platform?

No worries – our open API gives you the flexibility to integrate with any custom platform or those that are yet to join our directory.

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