AudienceZen e-commerce platform onboarding process

The AudienceZen e-commerce platform integrates with your e-commerce Shopify store and POS applications.

Registration is quick and easy. You'll be guided through a step-by-step process to configure your organisation and integrate your customer database and product feed.

Once you're registered, you'll have access to our comprehensive online platform, where you can explore and familiarise yourself. At the same time, our machine learning algorithms start to analyse and build a picture of your audience.

AudienceZen’s e-commerce platform undertakes a two-week machine-learning phase to study your customers' online behaviour and segment them into consumer types. Once identified, each customer's record is tagged with their type. Customer analysis and tagging is a continuous process that continually refines the identification of existing customers while at the same time profiling new customers.

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Once the initial learning phase and customer segmentation is complete, you can begin planning your next email campaign to target segments of your audience with greater accuracy and understanding of your customers' purchasing desires.

A free 30-day trial period guarantees you are not charged for the learning phase, allowing you to navigate and familiarise the remainder of the software.

Our support staff are here to help if you run into any issues.

Audience Analysis Suite: Onboarding for service-based business

For businesses not suited to our direct e-commerce plug-in, AudienceZen offers a bespoke service that delivers tangible, easy-to-follow guidance, enabling your sales and advertising teams to build stronger customer relationships and deliver superior marketing communications.

This service includes:

  • A consultation process to understand your business goals and areas you'd like to improve.
  • A data discovery and cleaning process that prepares your customer data for analysis.
  • Segmentation analysis to identify the primary personality types of your customer base.
  • A gap analysis comparing your understanding of your audience and your company's position within your target market with the AudienceZen analysis findings. This analysis allows us to determine if your business focus should shift to exploit new markets or better appeal to existing markets.
  • A breakdown report that includes marketing recommendations for ad creatives.
  • You also receive access to our open API for integration with your CRM system.
Audience Analytics process