After sign-up and connecting to your platform, you'll have access to our comprehensive online platform where you can take a look around and familiarise yourself while our AI starts to analyze your audience.

AudienceZen easily integrates with other eCommerce and POS platforms. For step-by-step guides on the integration process, please visit our FAQs page.

AudienceZen eCommerce undertakes a machine learning phase to study your customer’s behaviour on your website and identify their typology. Once identified, each customer's record in your database is tagged with their typology. This is a continuous process that refines the identification of existing customers while profiling new customers.

Once the initial learning phase and customer tagging is complete, you can begin planning your next email campaign to target segments of your audience, with greater accuracy and understanding of your customer’s purchasing desires.

A free trial period guarantees you are not charged for the learning phase, allowing you to navigate and familiarize the remainder of the software during this time.

Our support staff are here to help if you run into any issues.

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