AudienceZen Origins

Discover where it all began and the journey that culminated in the development of AudienceZen's customer-facing CRM & consultation applications.

Fresh start

The AudienceZen platform came to life from a previous business venture, where the psychographic segmentation and marketing recommendation framework proved its incredible value and potential.

Further Development

Dr Matt Walley carried out the initial research during his academic career and further developed this over the years to increase industry applicability.

First offering

In 2015 an initial offering was deployed based on Matt’s psychology and data science expertise, centred on understanding decision making at the cognitive level. This offering was delivered as a consultation, providing insight into the purchase decision mentality associated with occupation.

SaaS Platform Development

As a result of its success, the AudienceZen founders decided in 2017 to develop the offering into a SaaS platform to increase accessibility to all executive and marketing clients looking for innovative, breakthrough methodologies to improve their marketing efforts.

customer-facing CRM & consultation applications

In 2018, AudienceZen was officially established, with further development underway to increase the value offering and develop several customer-facing CRM/consultation applications.

Successful case studies

Initial case studies delivered encouraging results. Following the analysis and segmentation process of their customers’ occupations, these case studies executed the marketing recommendations provided to them by AudienceZen across multiple advertising platforms, many of which went against their traditional methods.

Successful stats

This resulted in

314% increase in click-through rates on CPM (cost per mile) based advertising.

46% increase in click-through rates on Facebook advertising.

59% increase in Facebook site referrals.

Cost-per-click decreases of between 33% and 42%.

which produced a

58% increase in online store sessions.

19% increase in online store conversions.

82% increase in online sales revenue.

The future is bright

In late 2021, AudienceZen launched its offering to market in the Shopify App Store and via open API.

AudienceZen is continually evolving, improving our existing product offering while also working towards the release of additional customer-focused SaaS platforms.

Matt Walley

Matt Walley

CEO and Director

Matt has a PhD and Master’s degree in decision making psychology and specialist degrees in consumer behaviour and economic judgement heuristics. His research into vocational psychographic profiling provided the basis for AudienceZen’s modelling approach.


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