Cognitive Profiling Intelligence

Our AI-driven audience analysis suite will analyze and process your customers into one of twelve cognitive typologies. Each typology demonstrates a unique combination of purchase-decision behaviors, none of which can be identified by traditional segmentation techniques. Get to know our typologies.

Actionable Marketing Recommendations

A well-targeted campaign can stumble at the finish line if messaging misses the mark. AudienceZen analyses your target audience and provides messaging recommendations, tailored to resonate with each customer's purchase decision mentalities.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Second to effective segmentation is customer feedback. AudienceZen provides preconfigured customer surveys which offer insight into your customer satisfaction scores, how likely they are to promote your store to their peers, and where you are potentially falling short.

Proven Success

Want to know how AudienceZen could work for your business? Hear from businesses that have put their trust in AudienceZen and are now reaping the rewards.

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Our cognitive intelligence and segmentation suite is widely adaptable to all business sectors, from niche consumer delights to life insurance.

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