The AudienceZen suite:

  • Uses the power of AI to scientifically analyse your customers and markets and segment them based on how they think and make decisions
  • Provides detailed recommendations on how to communicate most effectively with your audience
  • Includes practical and simple tools, including a drag-and-drop email builder, post-purchase customer surveys and a net promotor score (NPS) feedback tool of incredible accuracy
  • Integrates seamlessly and easily with leading eCom/POS platforms.

We’ll make setting up AudienceZen simple. Once set up, it’s literally plug in and play. AudienceZen becomes embedded in your marketing software, allowing you to harness the power of science and AI to transform your sales.

Simple, transparent pricing

Pricing is calculated by the volume of customers in your eCommerce environment.


What sets us apart?

AudienceZen provides a much more insightful and reliable understanding of consumer personality than other commonly used methods. AudienceZen gives you the upper hand by allowing you to deeply understand how each customer makes purchasing decisions.

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Grow your business

Transform your sales by communicating more effectively with your customers, using tightly targeted and easy-to-follow marketing advice for each of your new audience segments.

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Say the right things the right way

If you truly understand your customers and how they think, you know how to talk to them. AudienceZen provides specific and clear content guidance for your marketing communications, including what should be avoided.

AudienceZen makes it simple to tailor your communications for maximum individual appeal, potentially transforming your business growth.

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