AudienceZen fundamentals

Matt Walley, CEO and co-founder of AudienceZen, shares insights into the principles that are the building blocks of AudienceZen's psychographic segmentation and marketing recommendation framework.

Psychographic segmentation

Matt explains psychographic segmentation and the difference between this and traditional forms of segmentation (demographic, behavioural).

Psychographic Segmentation
The vocation connection

Matt describes the connection between vocation and cognitive decision-making characteristics. This discovery became the basis for AudienceZen's psychographic modelling and profiling methodolgy.

The Vocation Connection
Event-based tracking

Matt explains event-based tracking and how this is used to collect key data points on customers, which in turn helps to build customer profiles and aid in audience segmentation.

Event-based tracking
Marketing recommendations and methodology breakdown

Matt talks about the methodology behind how AudienceZen builds marketing recommendations, and also discusses the difference between customer's purchasing behaviours, dependent on whether products/services are required or desired.

Marketing Recommendations and Methodology Breakdown