What is AudienceZen?
Personalized creative

AudienceZen is an audience insight platform that uses a proprietary, science-based methodology, developed from research into the psychology of complex decision-making. We provide advertisers and marketers with unique, actionable guidance for personalized sales and marketing creative, targeting customers like never before.

Diagram showing the flow of data through AudienceZen

So what sets us apart?

Our core psychographic profiling methodology has a number of distinguishing features and advantages:

  • Built on personality/cognitive profiling, AudienceZen provides a more insightful and reliable understanding of consumer personality than the behavioural/lifestyle/values methods commonly used.
  • AudienceZen is the only profiling methodology which can use occupation as a key determiner.
  • Proprietary typologies that segment audiences according to consumer purchase decision making mentality.
  • Capable of resolving profiling down to the individual.

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Audience Analysis Advantage

AudienceZen gives you the upper hand by analyzing your customer's statistical and behavioural data to determine each person's purchase decision-making mentality.

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Direct your marketing budget where it counts to increase revenue

Grow Your Business

Boost sales by communicating more effectively with your customers, using expert and easy-to-follow marketing advice for each audience segment.

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Say The Right Things The Right Way

Individuals are highly sensitive to how advertisers and marketers speak to them. A well-targeted campaign can stumble at the finish line if messaging misses the mark.

AudienceZen provides specific content guidance for marketing communications and this includes, most importantly, what should be avoided.

A B Testing, comparing advertising strategies

Typology explainer

Here's how AudienceZen's unique typologies can be practically applied to improve your marketing communications.


Meet Emma.

Emma has shown interest in your brand's product offering but is yet to pull the trigger on a purchase. She's received all your emails, but for whatever reason, your marketing communications aren't resonating with her, forcing her to focus her attention (and spend) elsewhere!

So, what's wrong?

Your emails are nicely formatted, concise, feature enticing discounts and contain high-quality, professional studio photography. Great!

Well, maybe not.

Emma has been identified as part of the affluential typology through our unique, AI-driven customer insights.


In regards to decision-making, Affluentials are most concerned with self-gratification to demonstrate financial success.

  1. Their consumption is primarily driven by brand prestige, product features and luxury consumer items.
  2. They are highly brand conscious but not overly brand loyal.
  3. They are receptive to advertising which plays to their imagination and allows visualisation of how it will make them feel.

Through this analysis, AudienceZen would recommend that you format your marketing communications to Emma in the following manner:


  • Emphasise the personal desirability of the offering
  • Include imagery that involves the product in use in a realistic setting


  • Display the price
  • Emphasise that the brand or product is widely accepted by the mass market
  • Offer a discount

Of course, we don't expect you to personalise an email for each and every customer. The power of our AI-driven customer insights quickly determines dominant typologies in product purchases, brand preferences, basket size, and lifetime spend (the list goes on), making it simple to tailor your communications for maximum individual appeal and ramping your business growth potential.

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